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Two trees sucks on ice.

Okay, so I guess the school finally started monitoring my internet use and have come to the conclusion that my live journal and friends page should be blocked, but I can still see my communites and post... lame. I swear that by this time next year they'll even have blocked due to it's vast resourceful use that could lead to someone stumbling upon a page that isn't 110% school related or of any educational purpose.

So I'm in multimedia design 2 with sean, jon urban, and kensi. It's pretty easy, I've already finished my work for the entire hour in the first 15 minutes. I'm currently listening to a pretty tight cd I made last night with a bunch of music I haven't heard in a while and some new stuff as well.

The trip to lawrence/wichita for this weekend has officially been cancelled due to brian's dad being up at 3am when we showed up to his house saturday night. I'm pretty bummed about it because I really wanted to go see As Cities Burn. On a lighter note, I've been talking to brian about our spring break trip to lawrence for the Thursday show on the 22nd. They'll be playing with The #12 Looks Like You, Minus the Bear, and We're All Broken, it should be pretty insane. The day after, being the 23rd, Taste of Chaos will be in Kansas City, and that would be fun to go to. Except the only band that I haven't seen on it that's worth seeing is probably As I Lay Dying.

Quote of the week: "Rape that bitch Roy!"

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