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So I guess the school has finally been monitoring my internet use since they've managed to block my journal, along with my friends page. They didn't block anything else, so I guess I can still browse the communities and post. It's still pretty lame if you ask me. I swear by this time next year they'll have blocked every single page leaving only the school website left and they'll make kids start reading books for information. God forbid we should direct our attention to anything other than schoolwork for a minute.

I'm in multi media design 2 right now with sean, jon urban, and... rachel, well she's not in here, but she should be. It's such an easy class. I got my work done for the hour in less than 15 minutes. So I'm pretty much chillin right now. I'm actually listening to this cd I burned last night, it's mostly The #12, Horse the Band, the Stiletto Formal, and some other bands.

So the trip to Lawrence/Wichita this weekend is cancelled due to Anh making a bunch noise and waking up Brian's dad when we showed up at 3am Saturday night. Needless to say, Brian is grounded and had his car taken away until his grades are all at least a C. I'm pretty bummed because I really wanted to see As Cities Burn.

On a lighter note, I've been talking to Brian about making plans for spring break. I came up with this. Wednesday, March 22nd Lawrence, KS, Thursday, The Number Twelve Looks Like You, Minus The Bear, We're All Broken. That would be awesome to go to, considering Thursday and The #12 are two of my favorite bands. The day after the Thursday show, being the 23rd, Taste of Chaos is going to be in Kansas City which is only like a 20 minute drive from Lawrence. The only band I haven't seen that's worth seeing would probably be As I Lay Dying. Either way, it would be lots of fun.

Quote of the week: "Rape that bitch Roy!"


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