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Merry christmas fuckers.
-I'm in mexico.
-I didn't receive anything for christmas, but that was expected... so I'm not too bummed about it.
+I can't wait to come home.
+I bought a sweet emery shirt
-It's freezing down here.
+I'm growing a beard.
-Everyone stares at me because I'm different.

I met a guy from canada at the border he was really nice.
I saw him get mugged by border patrol, they pulled a knife on him and stole both of his wallets, one containing money, and the other his documents.
He pulled out a bat out of his jeep and took one them out by the knees and retreived one of his wallets, the one containing his documents and passport.
He followed us all the way down to my grandma's house, and he kept going further down south. I felt really bad for the poor guy, he lost over $700. He seemed happy after it was all over though. He called us today and said he's having a blast. The funny thing is, he doesn't speak a word of spanish.

Texas puts the "fuck" in "I wanna get the fuck out of Texas."

As of last friday, I've been spending time with some close relatives in El Paso, Texas. I have to admit it's a pretty lame excuse to get out of the house. Texas, mostly El Paso, is nothing but a bunch of fucking annoying ass mexicans. I'm sorry, I'm mexican and all, but I just can't stand being around way too many of my kind. They're loud, abnoxious, and trashy, and those are just the nice ones.

So I don't really go out much, and when I do it's pretty much just a quick trip to the mall, which doesn't excite me much. At the mall, there's basically nothing but those wannabe scene mallxcore kids. It's fun to make fun of them and all, but it just isn't worth the trip.

The yesterday as I was making me way out of hot topic (shut the fuck up) these two girls approached me and asked if I would eat lunch with them, and even though I wasn't hungry, I accepted the invitation. It was fun, I got to get to know them as well as you could get to know someone within a hour's time. One of them was pretty cute, the other... not so much. They listened to a lot of the same bands I do, and they didn't dress in the cliche scene get up, which I liked. Kristen, the cuter one, asked me to come back the following day around the same time and I asked "how will I find you?" and she simply replied, "you'll know where to look." At this point, if you know me, you'd know that I was actually digging this girl.

So the next day, I slept in. I woke up around 3, and I got up in a hurry and took a shower, got dressed and got ready. Then I look outside and it's cloudy. I suddenly feel an urge to just go back to bed, so probably making one of the bigger mistakes in my life, I go back to bed. I swear I could hear a voice inside my head tell me, "Jon you piece of fucking trash, get the fuck out of bed and go meet up with Kristen," but I shook it off and fell asleep. Will I ever see her again? Who knows. Am I the biggest idiot in the world? Maybe.

I'll probably update sometime soon, I have nothing better to do.

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tonight consisted of:

1. me buying too many cds
2. drivin around for about 2 hours.
3. hiding from jon u, lauren harness, and dave at walgreens.
4. anh being emo about alisha not liking him, still.
5. getting followed by random people while driving around.
6. going to seans and watching digital cable for about an hour even though he was at work.
7. me and brian going back to walgreens for me arizona peach iced tea.
8. going to taco bell and getting bitched at by my manager for always bringing my friends in and causing a scene.
9. going back to walgreens for even more arizona peach iced tea.
10. me updating this journal.

what a fucking eventful night.
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I haven't updated in forever. Sorry kids, myspace and xanga just seem to have taken over my attention. I know not many people read this anyways.

So my 4th of july weekend was spent in st. louis. went site seeing and all that good stuff. I took some pictures, not too many because alot of the time I left my camera back at the hotel or I just didn't want to get it stolen. Lets face it, black people steal.


This was the inside of the lobby of the hotel we stayed at. It even had a TGI Friday's downstairs. I ate there almost 10 times. Not joking.

Friday night I managed to not have to spend the entire with my parents and I snuck of the hotel and took a metro downtown.

Downtown st. louis is beautiful at midnight.

Sunday we went to six flags which was packed. We decided to leave a little early.

Me about to die.

Probably the only ride I've had to wait 45 mins to get on in my life.

Some guy wrestling alligators. I watched.

Okay so I have to explain this next one.

This guy who was wrestling the alligator said he would demonstrate how to keep an alligator's mouth shut while still having both of your hands free. SO I thought to myself, why on earth you care to have mobility in both arms when your wreslting an alligator, I'd be more worried about still being able to use those two limbs after I was done with the alligator. Well anyways he demonstrated and as he did so I thought he was going to put his mouth over the alligator's mouth to keep it closed. Turns out he placed the alligator's mouth between his chin and collar bone.

Funny, I know.

Anyways, not much has happend since then. Missed the chariot show in wichita the 5th.


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For whatever reason, I haven't been useing my LJ very much... maybe because alot more people that I know use xanga now. I only keep this to keep in touch with people from everywhere else. Which isn't all that many, but they do count. So this is for you.

I've been working extra hours at taco bell, wednesday 4pm-11pm, today 11am-5pm, sunday I think from 11am-5pm, and tuesday I don't know how long. But it sucked because I closed wednesday and I got home like at 12 almost and then I had to be at work at 8am the next day for a meeting, which lasted to 10am then I had to come back to work at 11am and worked till 5, even though I was only supposed to work till 3 but someone didn't show up so I had to cover for them. I get paid tomorrow so hopefully all this work is worthwhile.

Warped tour kansas city is almost 3 weeks away and I'm pretty excited. I'll be broke for the most part but I'll have fun, that is if my mom doesn't change her mind at the last minute. I've been granted permission to do whatever I want this summer as long as my parents don't have to lay down a single dime. I guess that's reasonable, but it'd still be helpful if they at least gave me some spending money or money for food. I'd still need to arrange with someone, but whatever I'll get that sorted out later. I also really wanna go to denver warped tour and sounds of the underground tour. Mainly to see fear before, every time i die, unearth, poison the well, and norma jean (hopefully they'd play some old songs) and from autumn to ashes if they played only songs off too bad you're beautiful.

On another note.

Tonight was fun actually, not boring compared to every other day this summer. I couldn't find my friends, so I called sasha and she picked me up and we hung out for a little bit. Then I went to addison's, hung out with bret and havok and michelle. It was bret's birthday today. Went to sonic and it was full of people so we hung out for quite a while there. There was supposed to be a bon-fire but we never found it so we just called it a night.

And that's all. I'll try really hard to update this as much as I do my xanga.
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What are you runnin away from...

Well it's been too long since I've updated, but I guess there hasn't really been a need for an update since close to nothing has happend in the past month. School's out finally, we got out last tuesday. I haven't quit my job... yet. Today I hung out with addison, bret, and nick and checked out nick's apartment for the first time. It was pretty tight. Pretty much dicked around the whole time. Came home cuz there was pretty much nothin else to do. And that about wraps up my night.

So my friends tried avoiding me for like a week, I really don't know why its kinda random, just stopped callin, and hangin out and whatnot.

Anyway I still need lots of money for what I have planned for this summer and I'm startin to think I'm not gonna be able to do what I wanted to do (warped tour kansas city and denver, sounds of the underground tour in denver) and buy my badass digital camera (sony cyber-shot dsc-t7).

Well I'm bored so bye.
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I decided not to go to school for the first half of the day today. I went to bed at like 2:30 and I woke up when sean rang my doorbell at 7:45. Showed up at school and decided to walk home since I didn't even do my hair or shower and I looked like shit. Sean's gonna come pick me up at lunch. It was one fuckin cold ass walk home, I forgot my zip-up.

So my parents left town yesterday after school to dallas for my uncle's funeral. I was supposed to stay at seans, but I wasn't so sure about how that'd go so I just stayed here by myself. I didn't really do shit last night, just stayed up late and talked to ashley. That was fun.

Right now I'm about to go shower since there's no one even on to talk to and probably eat somethin. Ahhh I'm so bored I wish I had someone to talk to... it's been like this since last night. That's the only thing I hate about bein home alone, there's just no one to talk to.

I have to work from 5 - 8:30 or so.

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